Product Definition

Analysis of the customer’s problem and requirements.Delivery of an operational and architectural specification for the customer. Design ground rules generation and technology evaluation/Vendor selection.

FPGA Design

HDL programming High-speed interface design Multiple clock domain design Logic synthesis IP core design Design modification

FPGA Verification

Testbench generation to support functional simulation Constrained random verification Documentation

Jtag Pi programmer in action

FPGA programmer

Introduction One of the biggest advantages of FPGAs is that we can change it (reprogram it) many times. In most cases, we do it using either an onboard programmer (many…

Mass storage for FPGA systems

Mass storage – what do you mean? In almost every FPGA based project we use internal embedded memories to store data or as a FIFO or as ROM/RAM memories. They…

Data acquisition on FPGA and transfer to PC

Nowadays in most RF systems like radars or SDRs (Software Defined Radios) where very fast converters are used (ADCs and DACs), at some point, there is a need to record…

Serial transmission in FPGA

Serial (not parallel) transmission In most of the projects, we get to the point where we need to transmit data – either the input as the output. They can be…